Thursday, December 13, 2012

New ESL App Teaches Business English & Everyday English

A new iPad app for ESL learners -
a very handy tool for self-study
Wow, the new iPad app Say it Better in English really "packs a punch!" It teaches over 300 American English expressions, idioms and phrasal verbs.

The app is the perfect tool for those who need to improve their business English. The app teaches useful expressions related to participating in meetings, talking on the telephone, and dealing with everyday issues at the office. The app also includes hundreds of expressions related to daily life, in areas including shopping, traveling and socializing.

Lively cartoons show how each expression is used in real-life situations. When the learner taps the speaker icon, the cartoon comes to life with native English speakers reading the text aloud. Each expression has two additional usage examples that include audio. Interactive quizzes give immediate feedback with reward icons.

Users can customize their learning experience with the help of a study set feature. Users can add expressions they want to keep studying to the customized study set. A bookmark feature lets users continue studying where they left off.

Users can study by category, with the expressions grouped into categories include: On the Telephone, Travel, Shopping, At the Office, Socializing, Time, and others.

The app is designed to let users study English for as little as 15 minutes a day. That's about how long it takes to go through a block of 10 expressions and then take a quiz.

A lite version of the iPad app is available for free. The full version at $9.99 teaches 312 expressions, while the free version teaches 10.

The bottom line is, you get a lot of bang for your buck and learn a lot of useful English with the Say it Better in English app.

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