Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New ESL app for Business English

Check out our new apps for Business English. These ESL apps each teach over 200 business English expressions through 15 realistic business dialogues

These apps are based on the bestselling book "Speak Business English Like an American" by American English language expert Amy Gillett, MBA. Be more effective on the job! Communicate like a native speaker of English with the ultimate app for today's Business English! American English speakers use many phrases and expressions on the job. If you don’t know these expressions, you’re left out of the conversation! These  apps will help you speak better business English, quickly and confidently. You’ll learn the idioms & expressions that you hear at work — no matter where you work or what your job is. 

The 15 lessons in each app feature topics including: talking about company strategy, running a meeting, motivating co-workers, talking about financial issues, discussing good and bad results, and more.

Listen to 8 native speakers read the conversations aloud. Play the dialogues all at once or listen line by line. The record feature lets you record yourself reading the text. Then you can play it back and compare yourself with the native speakers on the apps. Interactive quizzes let you check your new knowledge.

For iPad click here
For iPod & iPhone click here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Punctuation ESL app is a handy guide

Dots and Squiggles is a new iPhone app that offers a handy guide to English punctuation. The app covers all of the major punctuation marks: the obvious ones such as commas, question marks, and periods . . . but also the less common ellipses, brackets, and [square brackets]. Sentence examples are included to show you the punctuation in action. That is particularly helpful for those of us who sometimes can't remember the order of punctuation (do periods go inside or outside of brackets?!). The graphics are clear and simple, making the app easy to navigate. At $1.99, this is a very handy and worthwhile tool to store in any iPhone -- for native English speakers and for ESL students.

Dots and Squiggles on the iTunes store.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New ESL app for Business English

Want to improve your Business English? Check out the new Business English Power Verbs app on iTunes. This app teaches 101 of the business verbs that will help you speak better at work. Features include two sentence examples for each verb (with audio) and two sets of quizzes with immediate feedback.

Business English Power Verbs for iPad
Business English Power Verbs for iPod & iPhone

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