Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New iPad App teaches Everyday English through Videos

We all know that images help with language learning. And there's nothing like video to assist with the learning process. It makes learning more engaging. English language learners will be delighted by the realistic animated videos integrated into the new iPad app Speak English Around Town. 

The new ESL app includes a total of 15 lessons, each featuring a video with a lively dialogue. The videos have subtitles with the target expressions highlighted. Target expressions and idioms are defined. After study the expressions, the user can take a variety of quizzes and get immediate feedback.

Through lively and realistic dialogues, the new Speak English Around Town iPad teaches the expressions you need for everyday life. These are expressions you will use when shopping, dining out, traveling, and during a dozen other daily activities.

The app is the latest offering from Language Success Press, which also offers the popular Speak English Like an American app for iPad and iPhone and 6 other apps for learning English:

This video is from the first lesson, which focuses on shopping. It features such useful expressions as "Just browsing" and "hold off."